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We provide mental comfort to our patients. A smile is essential.


We cooperate with the best prosthetic laboratory in northern Poland - Dental Lab. This guarantees the highest, world-class quality of materials we work on.


We are aware that most of the younger patients come to us in an emergency situation that requires immediate action. Therefore, we guarantee a short waiting time for an appointment.

Who are we?

Dental House was established for demanding patients who expect the highest quality of services and a pleasant atmosphere. Our office has access to the most modern technologies, which, combined with the vast experience, knowledge and skills of our doctors, gives unlimited possibilities in the diagnosis and dental treatment of our patients. We provide treatment at the highest level. The services we provide include: conservative dentistry, dental surgery, implantology, prosthetics, root canal treatment under a microscope, tooth whitening and many others.

The smile on the face of each of our patients means more than 1000 words. 

Your smile = our success.

A beautiful, healthy smile is an adornment of every man. It helps to win people's sympathy, adds confidence and takes years away. However, teeth should be taken care of not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health reasons. Dental House is a dental office in Gdańsk, which deals with conservative and aesthetic dentistry, surgery, implantology, prosthetics and endodontics. We perform root canal treatment under a microscope. For patients requiring prosthetic treatment, we select restorations made by Dental Lab, including dental implants. We perform tooth whitening to complement the visual effect of a healthy, well-groomed smile.

The Dental House dental office accepts patients of all ages and with various problems. Systematic visits to the dentist allow you to enjoy health and comfort for many years. Disregarded complaints in the area of the oral cavity only deepen the problem and limit the treatment options. An experienced dentist will help you to solve even a complicated case.

Dental implants

Definitely the most advanced form of prosthetic restoration are tooth implants. A titanium implant is implanted into the jawbone or mandible, replacing the root of the lost tooth. An all-ceramic crown is attached to the root of the lost tooth.

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Root canal treatment

Endodontics, i.e. root canal treatment, allows for the preservation of a tooth in the oral cavity, and is condemned to removal. Root treated with root canal treatment may be the basis for prosthetic reconstruction in case of a crown damaged by caries.

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Lack of teeth has a negative impact not only on a person's appearance, but also on their health. Modern dental prosthetics offers many methods of restoring and restoring the function of dentition, while maintaining the natural appearance and comfort of dentures.

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Aesthetic dentistry

Treatments in the field of aesthetic dentistry allow to quickly and non-invasively improve the appearance of yellow, discoloured or slightly damaged teeth. The most popular form is porcelain veneers. These treatments also include scaling, sandblasting and whitening.

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Teeth whitening

Currently, patients can use two forms of tooth whitening: at home, under the control of a dentist, or in the office. The office method is faster - white teeth can be obtained already during one visit. Check which form will be better just for you.

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We cooperate with a dental laboratory

Loans granted by Mediraty include, among others, dental treatment of teeth

- conservative, orthodontic treatment, dental implants and many others.
Dental Lab in its current form has existed for over 30 years
and is one of the largest in Poland and in Central Europe.

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