Root canal treatment

When a patient of our dentist's office complains about an intense, pulsating toothache and at the same time has swelling, e.g. on the cheek, it is usually necessary to perform root canal treatment. The reason for this type of ailment is advanced pulp inflammation or nerve damage caused by, among other things, tooth decay or fracture.

Endodontic treatment is usually started by taking an X-ray. It allows you to see the lesions, the extent of inflammation, as well as check the number of canals, their shape and approximate length.

Then the dentist applies local anaesthesia, which increases the patient's comfort, and then he or she opens the tooth in order to reveal the infected pulp, at the same time removing the resulting caries. Using technologically advanced devices, such as an endometer and microscope, we check the number of channels again. This is extremely important because noticing one of them may lead to further development of dangerous inflammation. The above-mentioned tools allow us to identify even lateral or overgrown canals.

The next step is to thoroughly remove the infected pulp, bacteria and other impurities from the entire interior of the tooth. This is done using special tools and disinfectant. In our Gdansk office, this procedure is performed using an endometer, i.e. a device indicating the exact length of the canals. This prevents the tool from being broken or perforated.

Repeated rinsing and the use of various types of instruments allows for thorough cleaning of the surface from the remains of infected tissue. After obtaining this effect, the endodontist dentist dries the inside of the tooth and fills it with gutta-percha. It is a special substance of natural origin, which tightly fills all canals. The material is completely biocompatible, does not shrink or cause discoloration of the dental crowns.

The last stage, however, is filling the tooth with standard materials used for filling dental defects. 

What is the risk of not receiving treatment?

Any disturbing symptom from your teeth should be consulted with your dentist. Often we may not even notice any abnormalities in the very structure of the tooth. However, we should never underestimate pain. Pain is an important warning for us, thanks to which we can react in time to the developing inflammation or other disease.

However, if, despite the pain, pulsation and swelling, we do not come immediately to the root canal treatment, it may lead to the need to extract the tooth. We not only risk the pain and loss of the tooth, which could still serve us for years to come, but at the same time we face much higher costs associated with prosthetic treatment. 

What are the costs associated with the ednodontic treatment?

In our dentist's office in Gdańsk we perform a full package of endodontic treatments. Prices are determined individually, based on the treatment issues, number of canals, type of tooth (incisors, premolars, molars) and many other factors.

Standard prices of individual treatments start from 800 PLN (incisors), 1000 PLN (premolars) and 1200 PLN (molars).

Root canal treatment in our office in Gdańsk usually takes place during one visit. It is carried out under local anaesthesia, thanks to which the patient does not feel pain during and after the procedure.

After properly performed endodontic treatment, a given tooth is slightly weakened, however, with proper care for oral hygiene, it can serve for many years.

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