Teeth whitening

At the beginning of every person's life, when teeth start to grow in the mouth (initially lactates, then permanent), they are white. However, after the next few years, when a child and then an adult comes into contact with coffee, strong tea and many other coloured foods, the colour darkens.

There are also additional factors which influence the faster discolouration of teeth. These include smoking or other stimulants, taking certain medications (e.g. tetracycline), as well as poor oral hygiene.

Sometimes there are also causes that are beyond our control. They are associated with a genetic burden or individual diseases, such as congenital porphyria, gland disorders, alcaptonuria, caries or pulp necrosis.

Such a wide range of factors causing tooth discolouration makes many people complain about the loss of natural tooth white, which after all has a huge impact on how others perceive us. Almost every smile reveals our teeth, which is why many people strive to whiten them.

Nowadays, many different preparations (mainly toothpastes or liquids) have been developed on the market, available in shops, which ensure teeth whitening. These substances, however, act only on the outer part of the enamel, causing only temporary brightening of the enamel.

Specialized treatments, which allow not only a surface effect but also a deep penetration of a given preparation into the internal structures of the tooth, give a long-lasting effect. 

In our dentist's office in Gdańsk we carry out teeth whitening in two ways.


The first one is a treatment with the use of Beyond lamp.

It is a completely safe method, giving immediate and visible effects. The whole treatment is based on several stages. After proper opening of the mouth and protection of gums and eyes (against harmful lamp radiation), teeth are covered with a special mixture of whitening and catalytic gel (Nite White) and then the Beyond lamp is activated for 10 minutes. If necessary, this treatment is repeated. After the procedure the protections are removed and the shade of the tooth is determined.

After the procedure with the Beyond lamp it is very important to maintain the so-called white diet, i.e. to avoid colouring foods and refrain from smoking.

The second way to improve the appearance of discoloured teeth is the overlay method, carried out at home. During the first visit, the dentist assesses the possibility of using this technique and, if there are no contraindications, takes impressions of the patient's teeth in order to make special, individual overlays.

During the next visit, the patient receives prepared splints and receives an appropriate number of syringes with whitening gel. For the following days, he puts on transparent splints filled with gel and, depending on the doctor's indications, wears them for several hours during the day or overnight. Most often this process lasts from two to four weeks and gives satisfactory results.

Regardless of the chosen whitening method, it should be borne in mind that the effects obtained are not permanent and their duration depends primarily on proper oral hygiene as well as the diet.

The prices of treatments provided by our dentist's office in Gdańsk depend primarily on the number of necessary visits and the chosen method. In case of lamp whitening, prices start from 1100 PLN, and in case of the overlay method from 550 PLN. We also perform internal whitening of a single dead tooth (price from 150 PLN).

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